Design & Engineering

Our award-winning studio delivers business impact through innovative design and engineering.

We’ve designed and engineered¬†everything from atomic force microscopes to high-end medical devices.¬†We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding user experiences across hardware and software interactions – regardless how complex the technology.

Research & Strategic Planning

Successful product development is driven by deep user insights and precise strategic planning. We bring together an understanding of people, business, and technology to help companies focus on what is important.

  • User, field, market research
  • Brand definition and product positioning
  • Product and service innovation strategy
  • Product and service roadmap planning
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Through iterative processes and design experimentation, we put insights and strategies into motion. Our multidisciplinary design approach broadens the conversation on what works and what doesn’t.

  • Industrial design
  • Graphic design
    • Visual identity design
    • Packaging design
    • Communication design
  • UI/UX design
    • Web design
    • Mobile application design

Engineering & Manufacturing

Leveraging our relationship with top suppliers and manufacturers in Taiwan and China, we’re able take designs from prototype to mass production.

  • Engineering feasibility analysis
  • ODM partner selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Iterative design reviews
  • Schedule and budget planning
  • Quality plan advisory
  • Factory relationship management