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KAMIA is a conglomerate offering products and services that span education, foods, health, infrastructure, media, and textiles. Our vision is to solve meaningful problems through cutting-edge technologies and user-centric innovation.

Our History

In 1988, Whai-Eng Hsiao and Perry Chyau founded Chiahui Group to start Metropolitan Life Insurance (in partnership with Metlife NYSE:MET) upon privatization of the insurance industry in Taiwan (later sold back to Metlife). Upon the privatization of the energy industry in 1997, Chiahui Group set forth to build Chiahui Power Plant (a 670 MW liquid natural gas facility), which was completed in 2003 (later sold to Asia Cement Company).

In the early 2000s, Chiahui Group began investing in education technology companies, namely Over Paradigm (one of Taiwan’s largest digital content production companies) and Learning Digital (Taiwan’s leading human capital management software company).

In 2006, Carol Chyau founded Shokay – a socially responsible textiles company. In 2008, Edward Chyau founded KAMIA – a design and engineering firm combined with early-stage investing. Through strategic investments, joint ventures, and establishing new subsidiaries, KAMIA diversified the group’s business into health, infrastructure, e-commerce, and media. In 2015, KAMIA and Chiahui Group merged brands, with KAMIA representing the conglomerate.

Our Management


Whai-Eng Hsiao


Perry Chyau

Managing Director

Carol Chyau

Managing Director

Edward Chyau

VP of Business Development

Chris Wong

VP of Information Systems

Pierre Shih

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